Staff Profiles


Jillian (Co-ordinator and Educational Leader)

Jillian has been involved in the childcare industry for as long as she can remember. Her mother was an Early Childhood Educator and so there were always young children around her home.

Jillian has always been passionate about her role as an advocate for the education and care provided to the children in any care facility she has been involved in.

Jillian gained her first Child Care Qualification in Scotland where she worked as a nanny.  She believes this has given her some insight into the complexities of family life and a greater understanding of the stress and challenges as both parents work and try to juggle family time too. It was during a nanny placement that she was introduced into the area of palliative care.  Not only did she nanny the children during that placement, but also cared for and nursed their mother (who had terminal cancer) at home so she could spend as much time with her children as possible. This was a very difficult situation and it raised Jillian’s awareness that she needed/wanted more training to understand the psychological makeup of people to better support them through the storms that face each person as we journey through life.

Jillian subsequently studied psychotherapy and counselling with the view to change professions, but decided that she could better use her new knowledge to assist and support educators and families within the childcare industry.

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Keryma (Bilby Room Leader)

After working as a Kindergarten Teacher for more than 15 years in her native Chile,  Keryma’s curiosity about our lifestyle brought her to Australia.  Keryma has adapted her skills to teach in our educational system with children from this side of the world.

A very patient and kind person, Keryma really loves teaching and giving children opportunities to explore their environment by themselves, while always guiding their learning. Her adventures in Australia show that she too loves to learn and explore.

Keryma believes that happiness in teaching and learning is the key to giving children the education needed for a successful future.


Ellie (Joey Room Leader)

Ellie obtained her science degree 12 years ago and became a pre-school teacher before moving to Australia. After taking a break from teaching and having two children in the meantime, she resumed her studies and obtained an Australian Diploma qualification in Early Childhood Education.

She enjoys watching children develop and explore their interests and ideas. She takes a strong interest in keeping up to date with learning practices and seeks to provide experiences, time and space for children to validate their ideas.  She has a strong passion for art and encouraging children to be creative.


Annette (Koala Room Leader)

Annette is a passionate and dedicated advocate for the childcare industry and while working full time has also studied to gain first her certificate III and then her Diploma in Early Childhood.

Annette has 7 children and 12 Grandchildren and still manages to find the energy and enthusiasm for the children under her care and also for mentoring other Educators and Students.

Annette has a calm and relaxed nature, which is very evident as you watch her interactions with the children and also their interactions with each other.   She is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to challenge and educate the children within her care, yet still having room for fun and spontaneity

Annette will always encourage and support the “team” approach when caring for and educating the children, she encourages input from home to scaffold the learning between home and the centre to assist the growth, development and enthusiasm of all the children as they learn and gain knowledge and understanding of their world. 


Zoe (Kangaroo Room Leader)

Zoe served as an educational assistant at an International Kindergarten in Hong Kong in 2013. Within a span of two years she worked alongside teachers who inspired her to pursue a career in Early Childhood Education and soon after she moved to Australia to begin her journey of becoming a teacher herself.  She has completed her Diploma and is now undertaking her Bachelor of Early Childhood.  She is passionate about building strong positive relationships and believes that making honest connections with children not only provides the right space for growth and development but also inspires open curiosity, conversation and learning.  She is greatly humbled to be building such relationships with the children at the Centre and looks forward to getting to know the families along the way as well.


Samantha (Kangaroo Room Leader)

Samantha has spent the last 5 yrs working in the UK as an Early Childhood Educator.  She recently came back to Australia and joined the Beacon Street team.  She is also studying her Bachelor of Early Childhood and is excited to be sharing the room leading role with Zoe and for them to work together with their colleagues to challenge and inspire some creative learning.  She looks forward to getting to know children and their families as they all settle into their new environment and start their exciting learning journey.


Eunice (Possum Room Leader)

Eunice obtained her Diploma in Early Childhood Education in 2012 from Swinburne Technology University.  She is a mother with a teenage son.  Originally from Singapore, she has lived in Melbourne since 2006.

Eunice believes that a child need to be happy and learns best in a secure and comfortable environment. She values family input and participation in their child’s learning and takes the time to encourage all children to participate in play.  Every child is unique and has his or her own way of expressing, exploring and learning new things.  Her approach and interactions with children are flexible, consistent and supportive.

Eunice especially enjoys the end of the year, as it’s an opportunity to witness each child’s growth and knowing that she has been able to help them accomplish so much.   Eunice is passionate about her work, seeks reflective work practices with her colleagues and is always continuing her learning through discussions with senior educators and mentors.