Koala Room

The Koala room provides loving, high quality care to children from 6 months of age and is managed by 2 diploma qualified carers.  We endeavour to mirror each child’s home routine as closely as we can to ensure sleep and feeding times aren’t disrupted by the new environment and there is minimal distress to the parents and the children. Each child’s routine including meal and nap times are recorded for the parents.

We understand how hard the decision to return to work can be for a lot of parents and we encourage parents to call, to check on their child. In fact, in our individual orientation program, we work empathetically with families to build trust and confidence with the child and the parents for days or weeks prior to the child formally starting day care to have the smoothest transition to their new environment.

The program follows the children’s lead to provide a responsive and stimulating environment based on each child’s unique approach to the world around them. Whether it’s time on floor exploring toys or reading books or perhaps listening to music, the carers ensure that the children get the benefit of verbal and non-verbal responsiveness to foster a sense of security and emotional well-being.  Each child’s routine is recorded so that the parents know their meal times, nap times, nappy changes and any other specific events.

We encourage ‘appropriate behaviours’ with children by modelling and talking to the children. For example, if the children are in close proximity of each other, we would talk about and demonstrate the importance of sharing or a gentle touch. We encourage self-feeding when the children are ready and encourage them to try a variety of different foods. In doing this, we respect and follow any dietary restrictions that a family may have. All meals for the children are cooked on-site by our home economist so children benefit from fresh nutritious food. We often see picky eaters tend to start eating better when they see children around them eating or trying a new food.

We encourage the children to form relationships with other educators when regular educators have breaks or time out to plan curriculums.