Kangaroo Room (3 year old kindergarten)


The Kangaroo Room (children 3 to 4 years old and going to school in 2 years, equivalent to 3 year old kinder in sessional kinder) has a flexible routine with many opportunities for intentional teaching (teacher led and guided experiences) as well as free play.

We start each morning with a group time; discussing the weather, day, date etc. As a group we discuss the jobs that we need to do throughout the day, eg. setting tables, taking drink bottles outside, wiping tables, sweeping floors, setting up experiences indoors and outdoors, all with the assistance and guidance of the educators.

We then do our morning stretches, the children taking it in turns to choose a stretch for us all to try and do together. This encourages children to listen to and follow instructions and also balance and challenge their bodies.

The Mystery box is a special box that each child has the opportunity to take home and place a “treasure” in it to share with their friends. The children can ask questions to try and guess what is in the box and then ask questions to find out more about the “treasure”. At this time we also share the weekend sheets. These are information sheets we ask families to complete to report the weekend experiences that the children participated in.

During the day there are lots of opportunities for the children to engage in free play.  This allows the children to make choices and move freely to participate in small/large group activities, or quite simply to play on their own.  The small and whole group experience allow for intentional teaching guided and supported by the educators.  These can be craft activities, or discussing and learning about the topic of the week.  The topics that are addressed are usually initiated by the children’s interests, such as important events that are happening around the world as well as in the children’s lives.

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