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I really like Beacon Street Children’s Centre. All the teachers are always welcoming and really care for the kids. Every morning when my daughter arrived at the centre, there was always someone there welcoming her and taking care of her.

My daughter has learnt a lot from the centre and she really enjoyed her stay. She always surprised me with a new song or a new story which she learnt from the Centre.

The teachers take very good responsibility of the safety of the children and I was always contacted to confirm the identity of the person who picked up my daughter on my behalf (not all the centres do this).

The Centre is very special and it is definitely a great place for children. I highly recommend the centre.

Li Family


Our boys love going to Beacon Street, and it’s a community that our whole family feels very much a part of.  We are so reassured by the excellent communication and caring, friendly attitudes of everyone who works there.  Our eldest just started school, and so much of what he learnt in Beacon Street, especially his last year in the kinder program, has helped him feel confident and prepared for this new adventure.  Thanks to everyone there who puts so much effort into making our boys feel at home and cared for.

The Brown Family


We have been most happy with the teachers there, all are experienced and very warm . And the kids here are all well educated.  My son really enjoyed his 2 years at Beacon Street.

Nie Family


Beacon Street Children’s Centre from the very beginning has been extremely supportive and accommodating.

Their orientation for children is excellent and non rigid, allowing my daughter to settle in before having to leave her for the full day.

Communication between the centre and myself is constant, which puts my mind at ease knowing that they have my daughters best interest at heart.

One of the deciding factors for choosing Beacon Street Children’s Centre was that there is a genuine warmth from the educators and I took great comfort in knowing that if my daughter needed a hug, then there would be someone there to give it to her.

Gatzonis Family


To Jillian and the Beacon St Team

Thank you for welcoming our family to the wonderful Beacon St community.  Our son has thoroughly enjoyed his first year at Beacon St.  It has been a big year for him – he has made lots of new friends (little ones and ‘big’ ones), learnt new life skills, developed and grown as a little person.

The warm and nurturing environment has always made us feel very welcome at Beacon St and we look forward to another lovely year with the Beacon St team.

Warmest regards from the Steer family


Jillian and the Beacon street team,

Thank you for your all your support and caring you have not only given to our son, but to our family.

Your carers may not know unfortunately our previous childcare centre burnt down leaving him without care for 3 days a week. This put our family under an enormous amount of pressure and stress as we both work during the week.

We were lucky that his Nanna and Poppy drove over from Adelaide to stay with us until we found our little man a suitable childcare centre.

Luckily 2 weeks later my wife found Beacon St Child Centre.  My wife drove over to inspect the premises and to meet your wonderful team of carers.

We both were impressed with nutritional value placed on the food served and the skills and qualifications held by the staff at the centre.

Our son has settled down extremely well given the sudden change of circumstances. It warms our heart every time when one of us picks the little man up that he is always laughing and playing with the other children or being cuddled by one of your carers.

My wife and I would not hesitate to recommend Beacon Street Centre to any of our friends or family as you have made the 3 of us feel part of your family.

Warm Regards,

Woodforde Family


My children have been attending Beacon Street since they were 5 months old with the eldest now 4.  Leaving your children with strangers is always hard and as babies even harder, but the atmosphere and support at the centre greatly allayed my concerns.  I have been exceptionally impressed at the level of care my children receive and the amount of energy and creativity expended to making their learning fun.  At maternal health appointments my children far exceed the developmental levels for their age, most of this I attribute to the excellent education they are receiving.  The centre has a family feel with inclusive activities, both in and out of care hours, where all the parents have an opportunity to meet the staff, parents and most importantly see the children play with their peers.  My children are happy and contented with well-developed social skills and I have peace of mind.  I cannot recommend Beacon Street highly enough.

Gray Family


To all the staff at Beacon Street,

Thank you so much for welcoming us into the Beacon St community.  Our son has had some wonderful learning experiences, he has made new friends, and many memories.

You have nurtured him, challenged him, inspired him and fuelled his passion for bugs, animals and life.  We are constantly amazed by the things he tells us!

We will all miss being part of Beacon Street for the next 12 months but will see you again once Baby Bate #2 is born and ready for Daycare.  Keep up the good work!

With warm wishes

Bate family

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