Bilby Room (4 year old kindergarten)


The Bilby program begins at 9:00am when the Kindergarten Teacher walks into the room and has to find the children who are hiding from her. The Bilbys love playing ‘Hide and Seek’ and most mornings start like this.

The day begins with Morning session which includes discussing the day of the week, date and weather. ‘Special Helpers’ are chosen to assist with various tasks during the day; they set tables for morning tea/lunch etc.  After a time of daily stretches the children are ready to start the day. Now is the time to share any important news, weekend sheets, Mystery Box (Show and Tell), or discussion around the Take Home Puzzle.

Throughout the day there are lots of opportunities for the children to participate in free play, where they are able to select any game/activity that they would like to play with, as well as Intentional Teaching, which is educator-led and guided experiences. The Intentional Teaching experiences are different topics based around the children’s interest or important events/issues that are occurring around the world. E.g. last year there was extensive time spent looking at monsters and insects which captivated the interest of all the Bilby’s for quite some time.  So far the Bilbys have looked at different cultures, our community, seasons, the Olympics and many other topics of interest.

The program also has many goals for the children to ensure that they have a smooth and easy start to Primary School.  Educators ensure that the children participate in activities that increase their independence, emotional resilience, letter and number recognition, extending concentration, as well as becoming role models to younger peers.

Throughout the year the group takes many excursions to our local library, park and the Livingstone Gardens Aged Care Facility.  The children also participate in dance classes with the local dance teacher, music classes with Mini Maestro and we are looking to start exercise classes. The children love going on excursions and classes as it allows them the opportunity to interact with local community members and build meaningful relationships with them and create a greater sense of community.

In the Bilby room we aim to make sure that each year is filled with lots of love and laughter and an exciting learning journey for all the children and their families.